Everyone Needs a Nerd

Serving New Buffalo, Harbor Country and Surrounding Areas.  We Service Commercial and Residential Computer Issues.

Hello, my name is Chris Purcell and I am the proprietor of Need-a-Nerd.  I have been working with all things computers and industrial electronics since 1981.  I was partially instrumental in the development of the 8″ floppy disc drive tester.  I also developed external interfaces with Vic 20 and Commodore 64 machines to calibrate other equipment,  I worked on Ohio Scientific computers as well.  I remember getting my first PC, a Dell, in 1993.  It had a 386 processor and it set me back $3000.00.  It had something call Windows 3.0 installed, with a free upgrade to Windows 3.1.  And it had a “math co-processor”, which was considered essential. Now in 2018, I prefer Macs to PC’s, although I see a need for both.  And I am starting to see a legitimate need for Linux.  I stay current with the latest security, technology and operating system issues, which usually comprises two hours of reading each day every morning,  I don’t pretend to know everything about computers, but I have learned to resolve most any issue as it arises through education, experience, advanced diagnostic skills and a lot of research.  I spent the last 20 years working out of Chicago for lawyers, financial consultants, insurance providers, developers, and many other business professionals.  Then three years ago I broke my leg in several places and nearly lost my foot.  But I continued to work from my wheelchair for the next two years, albeit at a slower pace.  Fortunately I am now able to walk, at least a mile a day. Since my injury, I have made the decision to offer my skills in the greater New Buffalo/Harbor Country area.  I can provide references upon request.  I can also build custom computers and peripherals.  In addition to working with computer hardware, I build and optimize WordPress websites, convert databases to newer formats, provide business IT consultations and design networks.  Coming from a business background in the 1990’s, I totally understand the needs of small business, which is something many newer IT consultants do not have as part of their skill set . If you have a need, I certainly look forward to assisting you and/or your business.  I also do work as a stock and portrait photographer, and have a huge collection of images with many more on the way.   Check out https://www.purcellpictures.com.  Many of my images are used locally as business wall hangings on stretched canvas, in blogs, business FaceBook pages,  in various publications, novel jackets, and stock agencies.  I still accept requests for local photo shoots. I mention this as a extra service offering as you may have a need for high quality imagery in your marketing and other graphic needs and sometimes those can be hard to find.