If you are a worker with high value skills, you need a professional IT infrastructure that enables you to serve your clients and keep your results and revenues growing. It’s not uncommon for high-powered professionals to neglect their IT needs because they are busy serving their clients. But when you need help, don’t you want someone that takes customer service seriously as you do? Someone that knows IT as well as you know your own domain?

Keep your staff and clients happy

  • PC and mac upgrades and repairs
  • Protecting your network with strong perimeter defenses
  • Staff and premise photography
  • Professional web and email presence for your business
  • Forensic computer investigation
  • Employee data investigation
  • Deleted data recovery
  • Redundant backup systems
  • Repel viruses, malware, and phishing attacks while encrypting sensitive email and client data
  • Protecting your business from human error with professional data backup and recovery
  • Transforming your IT technology to be as professional and flexible as you and your staff

Let Need-a-Nerd deliver the same level of professionalism and expertise to your IT infrastructure as you do to your clients.

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