These are recommendations for optimal Mac operation.

Operating System:  High Sierra

Productivity Suite:  MS Office 2016

Security Software:  Malwarebytes Professional

Utility Software: CCleaner, CleanMyMac 3, iCloud with extended capacity

Cloud Back Up:  CrashPlan Pro

Local Back Up: Nerd Compact RAID1 NAS with USB 3.0 and 1 TB capacity, and Carbon Copy Cloner

Processor: i7 Quad Core or greater

Ram:  8 GB or greater (if your memory is soldered in, that’s what you are stuck with)

Hard Drive:  Samsung Solid State drive, 500 GB or greater (2.5″), Aura Pro X SSD for newer models not soldered in.

If you need helping upgrading, fixing, configuring, or using your Mac, contact us.  We can also make your Mac sync with your iPhone, iPad, other Mac’s or even PC’s.  We make a pocket sized Raid1 (mirrored drives) with a 1 TB capacity.  Great for full system backups.  

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